Custom CSS Animated Cursor

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This Post is tell how to use custom or pre-defined Cursors on your website. First of all let's start with pre-defined cursors.

Some built-in cursors

  • auto
  • default
  • none
  • context-menu
  • help
  • pointer
  • progress
  • wait
  • cell
  • crosshair
  • text
  • vertical-text
  • copy
  • move
  • no-drop
  • not-allowed
  • all-scroll
  • col-resize
  • row-resize
  • n-resize
  • s-resize
  • e-resize
  • w-resize
  • ns-resize
  • ew-resize
  • ne-resize
  • nw-resize
  • se-resize
  • sw-resize
  • nesw-resize
  • nwse-resize

Some custom cursors using images

This is a Custom Pointer

I love India.

CSS property Cursor have above pre-defined curosors or you can set your own using url(). url allow you to set custom image to Cursor.

      cursor: url('custom-cursor-image-url'), auto;

You can also change cursor on hover

      cursor: url('custom-cursor-image-url'), auto;

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I am doing Engineering in Computer Science and like to do programming & designing.
Proud to be an Indian


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